Sampoornesh babu Goes Missing !!

Posted on Dec 02 2013

Samppornesh babu missing


Sampoornesh Babu,is named as Burning star with the unique first look and teaser that gone viral over the web media . Burning Star can also be addressed as Internet star,as he has became star over night using the social networking sites. He created a fuss over the internet with his unique promotion strategy and stood close to the people,with regular updates.But,since last couple of months he is been down in Social Networking and his popularity getting deprived day by day.


Sampoornesh Babu is a debutant hero of a film directed by Steven Shankar “Hrudaya kaleyam”,which is yet to be released. Recently,he tweeted that his film’s trailer will be releasing on December 2nd.So we can expect the teaser of Hrudaya Kaleyam this evening. Burning Star’s  followers are missing his presence over social networking sites since last couple of months.The popularity of this much hyped movie is getting washed with delay in the  release and lack of  Sampoornesh Babu Presence in the social networks as well.Let’s hope that this Burning Star gets back on track with one more teaser to night and goes viral over Internet again.

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