Atharintiki Dharedhi Movie Review.

Movie :Attharintiki Dharedhi

Cast : PawanKalyan, Samantha, Praneetha, Nadiya, Boman Irani

Type : Straight

Genre : Family Drama

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

Written and Directed by : Trivikram


Progress Report :


Punch Line : Delicious treat from deadly combo.

Verdict : Blockbuster

Rating : 3.75/5


Atharintiki Dharedhi off the screen:


Power Star Pawan Kalyan returns to the screens after much expectation and anticipation. The most awaited film of the year, Attharintiki Daaredhi, is all set to hit the screens tomorrow onwards. Amid the much talked about highs and lows, this movie is finally coming to theaters to the delight of audiences. Much is being said about many unnecessary issues concerning this movie. The most important thing to focus on right now is the content of the movie and how it performs at the box office.


The benefit shows across the state have been a huge success. From what we hear, the movie is a roaring entertainer.


Atharintiki Dharedhi on the screen:


Raghu Nanda (Bomman Irani), is a Multi-Billionaire in Milan, Italy . The heir to his power and empire is his grandson, the one and only Gowtham Nanda (Pawan Kalyan). Raghu Nanda entrusts a very important personal mission to Gowtham.


Gowtham has to go to India and bring back his estranged aunt, Sunanda (Nadia) and her family back to his grandfather. Sunanda marries against Raghu Nanda’s wishes, but Raghu Nanda finally decides that he wants his family to be all in one place. Meanwhile in India, situations place Gowtham Nanda as the car driver in his aunts household. Gowtham Nanda’s efforts to unite his family with his aunt and whether he succeed or not forms the rest of the films story.


What’s special in Attharintiki Dharedhi ?


Every person is confined to have a certain definition towards happiness. In fact AD is such kind of movie which provokes Human relation values and ethics. Trvikram tried to inject these feelings into the audience with the right person like PawanKalyan who is the treasure of Humanity and values.


Analyzing the movie, it’s a package in which Pawankalyan’s energy levels paired up with Trivikram writing skills. Their combo proved it that they are unbeatable again. Gripping first half and emotional second half succeeded in making audience keep in their seats with a joy in heart and smile in face. Comedy played its major role through out the movie.Its one more epic moreover a classic from Trivikram after Athadu.


Artist’s Progress Report :


   *  Pawan made a magic. He hypnotized the audience with his acting levels. In fact audience laughed with him and felt pain along with him during climax. Stylish looks, gestures, expressions what not his every moment made his fans to go crazy in theaters.


   *  Next person to appreciate is Nadiya. We should call it behaving rather than acting. She excelled with her skills in portraying a character with such head weight.


   *  Samantha is bubbly and charming. Praneetha is good.


   *  Rao Ramesh, Boman Irani and Brhami fit perfectly in their roles. They justified the roles.


Remarks :


Trivikram tries to explains every thing with utmost complexity. His movies need keen concentration. Atharintiki Dharedhi will mesmerize you after multiple watching. No doubt it’s a non-stop entertainer.


Final Word :


Pawankalyan made it again. He brought Dussera early this time. No doubt its all set to create new records again.