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Sampoornesh Babu – The wonder of Telugu Cinema

Who is this Sampoornesh Babu ?

Intro :

Its the time for Tollywood audience to taste a new flavor of heroes. These days telugu audience are confined to a rule of having hero with muscular bodies, handsome looks, macho height and stylish hair style. But here enters a new hero to smash all those superstitions over telugu cinema .


A Human Tsunami :

It was May 9th this year when every thing is going normal every where. Suddenly a human Tsunami appeared on all browsers and social net working sites with the first look of his movie with funny title. More over the tag line Raashtra Sampoornesh Yuvatha shocked the TFI. Even Rajamouli was shocked for the look and enjoyed the poster. Frankly to say his confidence is to be appreciated. He created sensation with in the span of hours. This is what we call Over morning star rather than over night star .


Sampoornism – A viral Religion :

At the initial stages audience thought it was a foul play of targeting a person from his antis who intend to defame him by these posters and account on Facebook. More over his posts on Facebook shocked audience for his tag line Mee Premaki Baanisa- Sampoornesh Babu. Finally, audience started enjoying him every moment and contacting him to know the real truth behind this account. Sampoo finally turned into an inspirational person for many comedy lovers .


Sampoo : A man with golden Liver :

“Nannu kalavali anukune naa abhimanulaki oka golden chance. Repu nannu Shooting spot lo kalavacchu. Naaku vachina 550 request lonchi 10 lucky persons ni select chesi vallaki car pamputhunna. Nannu kalavandi”. This statement created ripples all over the TFI. At last this man stood on his word, he met his fans and shocked us again with his appearance out side world and for his macho look too. He proved himself he has Bangaaru Kaalyeam – A man with golden liver .


Hrudhaya Kaaleyam – The most awaited movie of TFI :

His status updates, his profile feeds, his photos, posters what not every step he made is a sensation and creating interest over his movie. Hats off for such innovative publicity. Whether people making it fun or not they will rush to theaters to see the content in the movie. As our Young stylish rebel super power star Sampoornesh Babu had already declared that the trailer is going to be a sensational one and it is going to speak to his anti fans. So, it would be a awaited flick for this year .

Conclusion :

Finally, to say Sampoornesh babu is a real fictitious character in social networking media. He is a real person who is acting as a hero in a small budget movie and the facebook account is being maintained by some humorous and creative unit members of the movie for bringing hype over the movie .