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Ulavacharu Biryani Movie Review

Ulaavcharu Biryani movie wallpapers

Ulavacharu Biryani Movie Review

Behind the Movie :

Being an official remake of Malayalam hit movie ‘Salt N Pepper,’ it’s the presence of Prakash Raj acting as protagonist and himself directing the movie makes this a special treat. Sneha, Tejus, Samyuktha Hornad in other leads we have Ilayaraja special here. Let us see how tasteful is this new recipe ?

In the Movie :

Cast : Prakash Raj, Sneha, Urvashi, Tejus, Samyukta Hornad, Brahmaji, MS Narayana etc
Story: Aashiq Abu
Screenplay & Direction: Prakash Raj
Dialogues: Vallabha
Music: Ilayaraja
Camera: Preetha
Editing: Kishore Te
Release Date: 06-06-2014

Story :

Story opens up with an archaeological department employee Kalidasu (Prakash Raj) lives with uncle (MS Narayana). Later Kalidasu’s nephew Naveen (Tejus), a cook (Brahmaji) and a tribal man joins them in the family. On the flip side, a dubbing artist Gowri (Sneha) resides with friends. One day, she makes a call to order kutti dosa. Unfortunately, she dials wrong number which reaches to Kalidasu. Their relationship starts with brawl but they end up as good friends or more than that.

One day Kalidasu and Gowri decide to meet at a coffee shop to see one the other. Feared of their personal backgrounds Kalidasu sends Naveen and Gowri’s friend Meghana (Samyukta Hornad) comes in place of her. While love develops between the young couple, the middle aged duo breaks their relation. What made them break their relation? How far the young couple manages their love with Kalidasu and Gowri names? What happens to original Kalidasu, Gowri love? How Kalidasu reacts when few big shots attack him to take back the tribal man living with him?

If you want to know the answers for all those questions, go watch “Ulavacharu Biryani” on silver screen.

Performances :

Prakash Raj performs well in the role and his body language and dialogue delivery are well with the character, but his acting style is such that he has overshadowed the character to a detrimental effect. Otherwise, he is his usual self.

Sneha suited the character very well. She has considerable footage in the first half. But her presence in the second half doesn’t have much opportunity to perform.

Tejus and Samyuktha Hornad make a good pair. While Tejus is ok, Samyuktha makes mark with her expressions.Both are decent and the two have carried their roles with ease.

M S Narayana & Brahmaji are natural and efficient in their roles. Rests of the characters are OK.

Analysis :

Remakes typically face an acclivitous battle, often intensified by the revere placed on the original. To say the least, it is a near impossible task to balance fêting the original, while also making something unique and its own entity. That is why so many remakes fail. Coming to Ulavacharu Biryani there are few brief moments scattered, but they are absolutely caved by everything else (Story, Screenplay, Narration, Characterizations…). On the whole, Ulavacharu Biryani offers more or less the same ingredients as the original but the recipe isnt the same. If you have time to spare, and to access to internet, go with the original.

Possitives :

  1. Maestro Ilayaraja’s Music
  2. Prakash Raj & Sneha matured performance
  3. Praneetha’s Cinematography
  4. Strong First Half

Negatives :

  1. Dargging story & Narration
  2. Boring Second Half
  3. Editing & Dialogues

Final Verdict :

Just go and watch the movie , If you are a food lover..just for some new recipes and some good musical by Ilayaraja and lovely visuals by Preetha. Otherwise, do not try this you might feel bored.

Rating : 2/5

Bottom Line : Not such tasty , better to skip if you can .

Disclaimer: This review is an opinion of review writer. Please do not judge the movie based on this review and watch movie in theatre and let us know your feedback in comments below.

Review In A Glance
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  • Screenplay & Direction
  • Story

Ulavacharu Biryani telugu movie review starring Prakash Raj, Sneha, Urvashi, Tejus, Samyukta Hornad and others ,