Temper Movie Review

Temper Movie Review


The most awaited Jr NTR – Puri Jagannadh’s film Temper released in a grand manner today. As the film is of huge cast the expectations reached sky-high. Jr NTR and Puri teamed up for the second time after a disaturous movie ‘Andhrawala’. Puri Jagannadh who is well known for transforming a class hero to mass look, now showed NTR in different look which his fans always wants him to be. The transformation of Jr NTR in Temper movie took internet by storm. First look poster made a good impact on the movie expectations. Beauty of Tollywood Kajal Aggarwal seems to be put on weight for the movie to suit besides NTR, she was looking gorgeous in the movie.

Now question is that is Jr NTR – Puri – Kajal Aggarwal’s ‘Temper’ movie reached the expectations. Have a look:

Plus points :

1) NTR’s -ve and +ve shaded Acting.

2) NTR Dialogue Delivery.

3) NTR Style throughout the movie.

4) Posani – NTR’s Chemistry.

5) Second half ( Climax ).

6) Puri – NTR Combo.

Minus Points :

1) Comedy ( Ali and Sapthagiri).

2) Songs.

3) Some scenes in first half.

4) Puri Jagannadh.


Annotation for assets:


1) NTR -ve and +ve shaded Acting:

Temper movie is all about Jr NTR, starting from 1st frame of title cards to climax only NTR’s performance will be remembered. Jr NTR deserves a WOW as his performance made audience especially his fans go crazy in theatres. Over years, a totally out of form NTR, mesmerised everyone with  is acting skills. We must appreciate NTR for carrying the same intensity in his character throughout the film. He played both heroic and villainy roles in Temper for which he was hated more than a Villain by audience. Moreover, he made justice to the character which no other hero can do. At some point of time we(audience) just hate NTR more than the main villain (Prakash Raj) for his negative shades but, none can deny the fact hat he made it with ease, justifying the role in which we think he succeeded well. The dark side in his character is projected pretty good by him. On the flip side we all like negative role more than the positive.


2) NTR Dialogue Delivery:


No doubt Jr NTR is in number one position for his dialogue delivery, if anyone cannot digest the  fact you may watch his previous movies Yamadonga and Rakhi films in which his performance is  never before and never again one. Puri Jagannadh who is well known for his punch dialogues  wrote some extraordinary punches. As usually Jr NTR smashed the sliver screen with his verbal  punches. NTR managed well his role in the movie by delivering dialogues in clear cut way,at the  same time covering a high temperature action sequences. He balanced both the acting and delivery part well.



3) NTR Style throughout the movie:

As Puri is well known for transforming hero’s looks presented Jr NTR well. Tarak looked effing mature of super confidence and hyper stylish. Dressing style,Hair style and body language are well exposed on screen, especially he looks very possessive in songs besides Kajal.

4) Posani – NTR’s Chemistry:


As chemistry between two characters in a film cuts across gender, it worked out well between Posani and Tarak in the film. Every scene between both of them will be extraordinary. As we all know the fact that negative role presented well is of great importance than the character itself. Negative dialogues with positive approach is a main asset to the film.


5) Second Half (Climax):

Second half of the film starts off with the same intensity. From here he transformation of negative role to a positive one takes place, especially in the climax scene this change helped and worked well. NTR done those scenes with ease which stuck at the heart of the audience well. It would have been worked better if the court scene have worked out well with more dialogues.

6) Puri – NTR Combo:


NTR and Puri combo once again done a magic with verbal punches on screen. Fans love Temper dialogues more than that of Andhrawala(their previous film). Points to be note about this combination :

–> Showing a new angle of any hero is Puri’s style, Playing any kind of role without any issue is Tarak’s talent, and
–> Writing dialogues in a different way is Puri’s instinct, where NTR maintains RANGE in dialogue delivery.



1) Comedy especially Ali and Sapthagiri :

This point has to be discussed as the audience felt no presence of them in the movie. In a separate comedy track they will be seen only in 2 scenes and those didn’t worked out. Puri also failed to project Kovai Sarala and Rama Prabha characters too. Censor cuts are too mainstream in the movie, almost every double meaning dialogue is beeped creating disturbance and making difficult for the audience to understand and watch.

2) Songs :

Songs in the movie are misplaced according our view, because movie starts off with an item song which was Puri’s plan. His plan is to make the audience feel good at the beginning so he has done so. Second song “One More Time” was not great as well as sounds odd in the film. Three other songs will be played in the second half. Temper title song would have worked better if it has made with good lyrics and Davuda song is a situational song which was good at dance and situation.

3) Some scenes in 1st half :



Some scenes in the first aren’t carried out in the way they were supposed to be. Kovaisarala, Rama Prabha, Ali, Sapthagiri combinational scenes will be pretty boring. And also some scenes between NTR – Kajal also felt odd.


iv) Puri Jagannadh:puri

The reason for mentioning Puri in negative point has a valid reason, that there’s amuch more scope to enthrall the audience with the story but he missed his mark of presence in some part of the film. He connected well first 20 min of the movie but later his effect will fade off for some time.



Daya(NTR) is an orphan from Hyderabad and hopes on to become Police Officer,believing it is the easy means of making money. Waltair Vasu (Prakash Raj) is a goon from Visakhapatnam, gets Daya transferred to Vizag seeking a connive Police officer. Daya amalgamates his hands with Vasu and helps him. Daya’s girlfriend Shanvi (Kajal Aggarwal) inadvertently gets kidnapped by Vasu, which perturbs him and calibres Daya character to become a Sincere cop. How did Daya take on Waltair vasu ? What actually is the well spring behind Shanvi’s kidnap ? forms the rest of the tale.

Artist Performances:

As delineated in the trailer,NTR played a COP who is fully corrupted,criminal minded and 100 % cunning.He is the brilliant actor and is once again proved with this film. One can get to see the new avatar of Tarak and has shown all his hunger towards Blockbuster with his acting. Body language and dialogue delivery are simply remarkable. Apart from his acting skills,dances and dialogue delivery Tarak had his carrier best screen presence.

Prakash Raj gives decent performance and fits his role. Kajal Aggarwal has a limited role,but provides the required eye candy. Posani is no doubt a major asset for Temper with his emotional performance. Madhurima leaves the footprints required with her role. Tanikella Bharani,Vennala Kishore,Lokesh and Jaya Prakash reddy are good in their roles.

Technical Aspects:

Puri Jaganadh is back with his mark dialogues and film.Screenplay in the first half bit slow but gains the required pace in the second part of the film. Syam K Naidu has given a top notch and picturesque  visuals. Anup Rubens music is good and Mani Sharma’s BGM is impressive. Edting is good and Vakantham Vamsi’s Story is ok. Production values are good.


NTR strikes back hardly with Temper and set the Box-office on fire. NTR Fans can definitely have their full meals with Temper. NTR is different and impressive in the film.Go for it.

Rating : 3.75