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Srinu Vaitla – Prakash Raj Press Meet War: Who Won?

Though an individual has loads of talent, his ego kills the respect among the public towards him. This was recently witnessed by Telugu audience with the controversy between Prakashraj and Srinu Vytla. The controversy which took a kick start few months back with the press meet of Prakashraj.

What Happened Actually?

During the shoot of Aagadu, the cold war was started between Prakashraj and Srinu Vytla for behaving rude with Srinu’s Assistant Director. As per the request by director in Director’s Asscociation towards the ban of Prakashraj, the versatile came out of the project and made a press meet regarding Aagadu Controversy that some big heads in industry were trying to kick him out of Telugu cinema.The dialogue uttered by PR in sorrow was used as punch dialogue for Sonu Sood.

With the rage of anger Prakash raj made a statement during the GAV success meet that Srinu should feel ashamed for using his dialogue in such way. Followed by the interview, Srinu Vytla attended a pressmeet and made comments against Prakash Raj.

Simplifying the whole war between them. Both committed mistakes from their side. Prakashraj already had complaints regarding rude behavior couple of times earlier. So, the total controversy should be closed by his press meet. But, showing his trolling habit of Trolling his haters with comic roles in movies, Srinu Vaitla used it in his movie which is a cheap thing. Whatever, two great talented celebrities finally lost their reputation with their ego clash.