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Spoiling Pawan and Mahesh name.

  • Sep 6th, 2014
  • news

These days chanting star heroes names and attracting their fans towards theaters turned as a marketing strategy for B-Grade movies. Even we have some quality movies like Ashta Chemma which used star name for grabbing audience. Superstar Kidnap is one more movie which seems to have quality and good story to win hearts of audience.

But some poor quality movies like Pawanism, Bunny-Cherry were made to spoil the name of star heroes in the name of creating market with their name. Now, the latest movie Kiraak starring Anirudh and Chandhini joined the list of such dabba movies which spoiled their name. The movie plot itself is the love story between Pawan and Mahesh fan. In the name of promotion the movie unit made some cheap tricks with Pawan and Mahesh masks. With the worst dubbing and worst jokes in the promotional activities showed how cheap the thinking capacity of movie unit is.

Finally, the movie which released yesterday turned as disaster and getting huge negative response from the audience. Came into lime light with shortfilms the director is totally confused in portraying the movie on silver screen and made it like a shortfilm. Hero Anirudh who don’t know the difference between acting and imitation ruined with too many spoofs all over. To conclude the point one thing that we need to understand is these B-Grade films are spoiling the name of our star heroes.