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Ravi Teja to Clash with Balayya again?

Our industry has seen it’s fair share of competition and rivalry between heroes. While this competition has been healthy in most of the cases, sometimes it has been just downright ugly. Catfights among heroines are quite routine, but when Heroes clash with each other, it is time to sit up and take notice.

One such rivalry exists between Ravi Teja and Balakrishna. The cause of the rivalry was a trivial matter, an altercation that arose between both these actors in the matter of a heroine. Since then Ravi Teja has always been in a Box-Office war with Balakrishna. All Ravi Teja movies released since then have been timed to coincide with Balakrishna releases. And more often than not, Ravi Teja has emerged the victor in the BO battle between these two stalwarts. We have for you a compilation of the various Ravi Teja and Balakrishna movies over the years that clashed at the Box-Office.

2008  Okka Magadu(FLOP) – Krishna(HIT)

2009  Mitrudu(FLOP) – Kick(HIT)

2010  Parama Veera Chakra(FLOP) – Mirapakay(HIT)

2012  Adhinayakudu(FLOP) – Daruvu(HIT)

2014  Legend – Power


Balakrishna is now getting ready to launch his next big flick, LEGEND, under the 14 reels banner. While Balakrishna is busy wrapping up the shoot for this movie, Ravi Teja is also quitely gearng up with his next flick, POWER. It will be interesting to see whether POWER and LEGEND will again clash at the Box-Office. Also, if they do clash, which will emerge the victor?


Please watch the video below, the song from Don Seenu has a line which prophetically mentions that Power will Clash with Legend. Somehow, this seems to be something of a unspoken Box-Office rivalry that hasn’t gotten much mention anywhere. Coincidence or extremely careful planning? You decide. Please let us know what you think of this rivalry in the comments section below.