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Ramayya Vasthavayya Movie Review

Movie: Ramayya Vasthavayya

Cast: NTR, Samantha, Sruthi hassan

Music: Thaman

Direction: Harish Shankar

Type: Straight

Genre: Action Entertainer


Ramayya Vasthavayya off the screen :


Director Harish Shankar’s latest directorial venture, Ramayya Vastavayya has a lot riding on it. Harish Shankar’s previous film Gabbar Singh was a smash hit and a genuine blockbuster. This puts a lot of pressure on the director to follow up his success. Responding on Tarak for an interview, Harish Shankar revealed that he has portrayed Tarak in the way his fans would want to see him.


Expectations on Ramayya Vasthavayya :


With the release of Teaser on NTR’s birthday, Ramayya Vasthavayya created hype among audience. Usually Harish Shankar targets hero’s main characterization off the screen. ‘Naaku nara naraallo dhooley’ was uttered by Raviteja in Mirpakay promo follwed by ‘Naakkonchem Thikkundhi’ with Pawan Kalyan for Gabbar Singh. Recently, this Buddodu dialogue created vibes in tinsel town. Even censor report got positive talk for this movie which raised the expectations. Let us enter into the review of movie and have a glance about our Ramayya.


Ramayya Vasthavayya on the screen :


Nandu (Tarak) is a energetic cool going college guy who falls for Aakarsha (Samantha) a girl from another college. He teases and impress her with his attitude and finally Aakarsha tarts seeing Nandu too. Nandu mingles with Aakarsha family members and turns as the member of their family. Suddenly, the story takes a major twist when Bhushanam (Mukesh Rushi) was killed in the hands of Nandu. Why did Nandu intentionally loves Aakarsha Why did he killed Bhhushanam? Who is Ammulu? Find the answers to these questions on screen.


How director suceeded ?


Ramayya Vasthavayya is a misfired bullet that slightly missed its target in its hit. Harish Shankar mainly targets fans for his movies. His main theme is to select a simple story line, adding commercial elements for producer and highlighting elements of hero and shining factors of heroine. Mixing all these he cooks a mass masala entertainer and gift it to audience. RV is a comedy entertainer in its first half.


How director Failed ?


Hairsh Shankar missed it again. From the time of starting of his career he is failing merely in picturisation of climax. The main part of his movies are the total movie goes on entertaining till the last 15 minutes and the climax rushes with in a short span forcibily. The same thing is happened for all his movies which pulls backs the enthusiam over the second half .


Casting Progress Report :


   *  NTR is proved as ultimate actor again. He is fan biased actor who can do any thing to entertain his fans. No words to explain his acting, dances and expressions. Watch this movie exclusively for NTR.


   *  Samantha the girl with Midas touch decorated the screen with her beauty. Sruthi Hassan is cute and beautiful on screen. NTR is lucky again romancing two hot beauties of Tollywood in single flick after Brundhavanam.


   *  Rest of the casting Rao Ramesh, Mukhesh Rushi, Ravi Shankar justified their roles .


Shining factors of Ramayya Vasthavayya :


NTR’s awesome dances, energitic sequences, dialogues and entrance scenes are eye feast for fans. The first half half is completely entertaining. Some hilarious scenes boosted the screenplay of flick. Songs picturization is good.


Blaming factors of Ramayya Vasthavayya :


   *  Here, the first credit should be given to Thaman for his loud background music. I wonder why NTR selects Thaman after the mere failure of Baadshah’s background score which got worst reviews in its Re-Recording.


   *  Second half is bit dragging as mentioned above in director’s failure .


Final Word :


The main result of the movie depends upon the audience whose mood coming out of theaters with impact made by the second half was not very good. Same thing happened for Oosaravelli with hilarious first half and a dull second half. Let us see how the audience takes this movie further.


Punch line: A misfired bullet.


Verdict: Average – Above Average.


Rating: 2.75/5