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Ram Charan punches to Star hero

Ram Charan Punches on . ?

Apart from the records and blockbusters, Tollywood is rich in fan wars and star controversies. Every time when the situation between the fans cools down some star makes sensational comments which furthur turns into controversies and raises the fan wars again. Here is the latest situation happened for a star hero who made comments on other star hero..

During the occasion of Chiranjeevi‘s birthday celebrations, Ramcharan was invited as chief guest for the event.Talking about the 150th flim of his father Cherry said that the movie is not going to have counter dialogues on other heroes, no thigh slappings, no indirect targetting and unnecessary heroism in the movie unlike some recent masala movies of some heroes. The movie is going to have beautiful emotions and it is going to be the memorable movie for Chiranjeevi.

No doubt Ram Charan indirectly targetted Nandamuri camp heroes and raised the new controversy among the fans. Only god knows how far this matter goes on.

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