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Prema Ishq Kadhal Movie Review


Prema Ishq Kadhal Movie Review

Production: Bekkem Venugopal

Banner: Lucky Media

Cast: Harshavardhan Rane, Vishnu, Harish, Vithika Sheru, Ritu Varma, Sree Mukhi, Satyam Rajesh

Direction: Pavan Sadineni

Music: B Sravan


Off the screen :

Since the time Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was first produced for the stage, every writer has found himself fascinated with the concept of LOVE. Times change, social circumstances change, with all that the approach towards portraying LOVE too has changed a lot. In recent times, many filmmakers have attempted to portray the deep mystery that is LOVE in their own manner. Some were hopelessly stereotypical and others were just pure brilliance. Now we have a debutant filmmaker helming a film with many new faces. Director Pavan Sadineni’s version of LOVE has taken the shape of the movie, ‘Prema, Ishq, Kaadhal’.


All the three words above are synonymous with LOVE. This just goes to show the director’s confidence that, irrespective of language or time, LOVE is a topic that is always on our mind. The film stars many fresh faces like Vishnu, Harish Varma, Ritu Varma, Sree Mukhi and Vithika alongside Harshavardhan Rane of ‘Avunu’ and ‘Thakita Thakita’ fame.


Plot :

As the title would suggest, the film revolves around three LOVE stories. Each story portrays a different kind of LOVE between the protagonists. There’s admiration, ambition and even simple lust involved.

First Storyline : Randy (Harshavardhan Rane) is a coffee shop owner who is also a great musician. Randy refuses to perform for money and is quite content performing for the benefit of his coffee shop’s customers. Enter Sarayu (Vithika). Sarayu is a huge admirer of Randy and strives very hard to get him to showcase his talent. Randy finally consents to do the program; this encounter develops into their love story.

Second Storyline :  Arjun (Harish Varma) is a hip ladies man. Working as an RJ, Arjun lusts after every girl he finds attractive. Circumstances introduce Arjun to Shanti (Sree Mukhi). Arjun lusts after her as well. But somewhere down the line, Arjun falls truly and hard for the beautiful Shanti.

Third Storyline : Royal Raju (Vishnu) is a Village lad who comes to the city hoping to be filmmaker. He finds work as an assistant director. Raju has a longstanding ambition. He wishes to find a girl who has interests and hobbies similar to him, a modern girl who is very forward thinking and has no reservations to smoke and Drink. He finds all these qualities in a colleague Sameera (Ritu Varma). Raju falls big time for Sameera.


Positives :


  • All the newcomers justified their act to the ‘T’. Harshavardhan adds another impressive film to his filmography. Among the other actors, Vishnu was particularly impressive as Royal Raju. Vishnu’s spirited performance is definitely one of the highlights. Harish as an RJ was quite apt .
  • The heroines Ritu Varma, Vithika and Sree Mukhi showed great promise. Ritu was especially attractive as Sameera .
  • The entertainment department was spearheaded by Satyam Rajesh who was quite impressive again. Jabardasth Ravi also managed to impress in some scenes .
  • The hugely successful audio album by Shravan was further enhanced by the brilliant visuals shown in the film. Full marks to the Cinematographer .
  • The greatest talking point of the movie is the climax. The way in which the director has tied up all three storylines was pretty impressive .
  • The dialogues were also written very well. Crisp one-liners can be found all over.




  • The crisp presentation of the first half of the movie was somehow missing in the second half. Post interval, the movie suddenly turns a little too predictable for the palette of any audience.
  • Excepting the climax, the second half of the movie fails to keep up the momentum from the first half.


In conclusion, Director Pavan Sadineni and his fresh star cast have left everyone impressed. These guys are not to be ignored. The market is flooded with heavily vulgar small budget films today. PIK is a breath of fresh air for anybody who craves clean entertainment. The movie is definitely worth a watch. If you can manage it, make sure you bring your better half along for the movie.

Review In A Glance
  • Direction & Screenplay
  • Story
  • Music
  • Performance

A crisp romantic love story with a twist in the end.