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Potugaadu Movie Review

Potugaadu Movie Review

Cast : Manchu Manoj, Simran Mundi Kaur, Sakshi Chowdary….

Duration : 120 minutes

Genre : Comedy action entertainer.

Type : Remake


Progress Report :


Rating : 3/5

Verdict : Above average. (Time pass movie)

Punch Line : A full fledged comedy mass entertainer.


What is in Potugadu  ?


Govind (Manchu Manoj) is a cool going guy who tries to attempt suicide and comes acroos Venkat (Posani Krishna Murali), a software engineer who was cheated by a lady. This love failure duo narrates their love stories to each other to dig out the truths behind their suicidal plans. Meanwhile in his narration Govind learn the value of real love and get down to meet his love. The four love story and Govind life story is worth watching on screen


Positives of Potugadu :


   *  Manchu Manoj justified the movie’s title and proved it in all departments like actor, direction, action choreography, singer, lyricist and dialogue writer too. In fact he is the back bone of the movie on cooking up the remake story by adding efficient mass Masala adult spices and succeeded in attracting youth.

   *  Achu’s music is another shining factor which elevated the main scenes in the flick. Even songs are good to ears. background music is good.

   *  Direction and screenplay is good and Cinematography is at its best.

   *  Editing should be appreciated as the run time of the movie is another positive factor as gripping screenplay with in short time made audience to sit in seats with enthusiasm.


Negatives of Potuagadu :


   *  The negative factor of movie is found in second half during climax. The director failed to convince the audience in narrating the story during the climax.


Box-Office verdict :


The movie is completely for B and C centres as family audience keep away from this movie due to some adult content dialogues through out the plot. But, it will do a decent job according to the stamina of Manoj. Youth will definitely enjoy this movie.


Just for fun : Manchu Manoj utters a dialogue ” Andhuke raa tamil hero lu ni nammukovaddhu anedhi” during a comedy scene in the movie. He forgot that he used a Tamil hero (Simbhu) for singing a hit song in this movie.


Final Word :


The best movie for this weekend. Go for it to have some good time pass with friends.