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Pawan Kalyan’s third marriage: Rumors Vs Facts

The last couple of weeks have been tough for Pawan Kalyan fans all over. The media has been buzzing over Pawan’s alleged third marriage. While it is not really anyone’s business what stars do in their personal lives, the amount of rumors circulating have forced our hand. For the benefit of Pawan fans and the rest of TFI, Team Strikingsoon wishes to clarify this matter beyond any doubt. Let us examine the many facts and rumors that have been circulating in the industry for sometime now and try to dispel fictitious creations.  

Rumor: Post the release of ‘Panja’, Pawan was facing criticism from all quarters. News of an alleged affair between him and his ‘Teenmar’ co-star Dana Marks had surfaced on the internet. Print and electronic media too had run with this rumor for a long time. Powerstar fans were left dumbstruck for a while.

FactPawan did not infact have any affair of any sort with Dana Marks. Dana marks is now happily married and expecting a child very soon. Powerstar fans showed their resolve in facing this mud-slinging against their idol.


RumorA picture surfaced on the internet before the release of ‘Attharintiki Daaredhi’ . This picture had a woman proclaiming Powerstar Pawan Kalyan was her ‘Cute Husband’. Powerstar fans immediately sprung into action in social media claiming that this was a fake picture. The morphed photograph they claimed was created Pawan’s anti-fans who were jealous of his growth.

Fact:  The ‘Cute Husband’ mentioned in the said photograph was indeed Pawan Kalyan. This we have established thanks to recent events. The woman in the picture as we now know is Anna Lezhneva. The instagram account from which the picture was posted was instantly deleted. There was even a massive cover-up attempt from some frustrated fans. The original picture was claimed to be a fake and they produced an even more disastrously obvious morphed picture to apparently prove their claims .

Pawan Kalyn anna lezhnova

RumorPawan Kalyan is already married to Anna Lezhneva/ Dana Marks. This is the latest in the series of rumors on Pawan Kalyan. The alleged marriage certificates that have sprung up on social media networks all claim that Pawan has gotten into a marital bond for the third time.

Fact: The certificates are certainly not worthy of being called authentic. There are many inconsistencies with all (Yes, there’s more than one) the certificates that have sprung up on Facebook. Sources confirm that Pawan has indeed applied for a fresh marriage certificate, but the ones floating around the internet are certainly not authentic. This is apparent from the inconsistent dates of registration and the signature of Pawan. Some certificates even claim that Pawan is married to Dana Marks. Dana Marks and Anna Lezhneva are two different people.



Rumor: Pawan Kalyan has no knowledge of Anna Lezhneva prior to this issue. The whole third marriage fiasco is a media gimmick. This is another attempt to sling mud at Pawan Kalyan.

Fact: Pawan Kalyan did in fact know Anna Lezhneva prior to this. The instagram picture that Anna posted was proof enough. However, if that is not enough the pictures below are proof enough that Pawan knew about Anna from the time of ‘Teenmar’ at the very least.


In conclusion, Pawan may or may not have married this woman. He may or may not be having marital problems. The only thing that we need to keep in mind that this none of our business. We are liberty to comment on his films, his political ambitions but not on his personal life. No one has the right to judge anybody. He is at perfect liberty to do as he wishes. However, it would have been more prudent to be a little more tactful with this situation. Being in the media eye all the time is very tough.


A sincere appeal to all movie fans, a failed marriage is a troubling matter for everyone involved, fans and anti-fans both should take of this fact before giving rise to unfounded rumors. To protect or to damage his reputation, whichever your reason is, you have ultimately caused more harm than before. This kind of unwanted media attention will affect the children who are also involved in this split. Let us put all the rumors to rest now at least and move on past this. What stars do in their personal lives is their concern. We all know of big stars who have illicit affairs outside their homes, many who have married more than once. This is not any of our business. Please keep this in mind and spread our message far and wide.