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Pawan Kalyan to Launch a Political Party ??

Well this is been the hot gossip that is making rounds widely in the film nagar circles. Earlier,it was rumored that  Powerstar is likely to step into in Telugu Desam Party, But it was ruled to be trash later on by mega brother Nagababu. It is known from the sources that the Powerstar is panning to contest as a MP through his new political party.

With the latest developments in the state and with the bifurcation of the state in Telangana and Seemandhra,we should look further how well the powerstar plans his strategy and moto for launching a new political party. Pawan Kalyan is been the target of the gossip mongers over past couple of year with a fresh rumor every time circulating in his name. However, the news is yet to be disclosed by the official sources and we should wait for a while to stay on the news whether it gets ruled out or stays in.