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Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju Movie Review


Sharwanand – Nitya Menon starrer Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju released after great expectations today(6th Feb). The movie should be treated as an Unconventional one as lot of emotions mixed up in the film. The film will be enjoyed by one those who are matured enough to take the concept. Kranthi Madhav who done out of ocean stories like ‘Onamalu’ has scripted the movie. He is famous for his documentary films which got a good response in those kind of genres. But coming to the film, it has got excessive treatment to the Sentiment in the movie. Although he is a talented director, he could not cope-up with the script in the second half.

Coming to the story of the film, Raghuram (Sharwanand) is an athlete who tries hard to win national games with an extra talent in him, he is a poet too. His mother Syrupy challenges him to win National games for a plate of Badam Kheer made by her hands. There goes a nice family drama between them with some comedy sequences. Then now here comes the Heroine of the film Nazira (Nitya Menon) playing hide and seek game and touches the Hero accidentally and relieves her face in parts as that of Tholiprema’ Heroine introduction scene.

More than a 50 minutes romantic relationship between both the stars, the movie keeps well engaged and goes on softly. Then started those dialogues which are sure realistic and out of concept. They didn’t sink with movies narration part. The dialogue writer finds something irrelevant to the story and places the dialogues in different places. Chemistry between Sharwanand and Nitya Menon feels better in the movie and feels like philosophy at some point of time.

The director has put many unconventional, unrelated and emotional strategies between the characters of the film. It seems to be bored and unusual journey of the love birds and more than necessary sentimental scenes in the movie. In fact there is much more inner story which is an untold one has been put aside and the hero keeps on being nice to all the persons all the time. There were many Sincere characters in the story which always tries to portray good all the time. Despite of paying more concentration of family drama and sentiment the movie died at some point of time.

The film is only watchable for the audience who are searching for a good sentiment and some inspirational scenes. The second half is a plus for the movie.There’s no feel good music and no chat buster song in the film, seems a old-wine tastes more type music. Cinematography was fine.

Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju Movie Review