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Is Pawan Kalyan Ready ??

Is Pawan Kalyan ready for the battle

Telugu People across the world are eagerly waiting for the Pawan Kalyan’s Speech this evening with their fingers crossed. With many questions and fingers pointing him straight away Powerstar is getting ready to face the press and the media people are ready to shoot him with back to back questions. A set of 10 questions are currently making their wave in the social networking sites questioning pawan kalyan regarding many aspects. Anti fans are waiting for a longer while for their chance to come.

Pawan Kalyan is now stepping into politics and his each and every move will now be closely scrutinized by the public. Till now he enjoyed the luxurious celebrity status in the society, now his life style and personal matters may go public for which he should be get prepared to answer. The politicians and Anti’s have already got enough number of weapons in their kitty in the form of Powerful questions to power star.

However, it is in the hands of Pawan Kalyan in how he handles the issues and challenges that he had to face further. Many of his followers, who believe in his ideology Utter that Power star will leave his mark for sure in the politics. It is said that , PVP who failed to grab the MP seat (Vijayawada) from TDP and YSRCP  is the force and man behind the Pawan Kalyan’s political entry. We should look further , How effective Pawan kalyan stays in the politics, Will he become the another Star to taste the success after NTR in politics ? or Can he be a King Maker ? . Lets wait and see.

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