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Is AD really such a huge hit? || Special Focus


Pawan Kalyan’s Attharintiki Daaredhi has seen a rain of cash at the box office. Considering the hard political situation of the state, the release of the movie itself was a big question mark. Many high budget projects are still awaiting release. On top everything, the piracy issue almost threatened to ruin the run of Attharintiki Daaredhi.

A midst anxious circumstances, AD finally hit the movie screens. From the moment of release, AD has been smashing one record after another in grand style. The success of the movie apart, there is still a difference of opinion among the audience. There are people who claim to not have been wholly impressed by AD. Some people have even gone so far as to point out that certain sequences in the film as rip-off’s. Specially, Brahmi’s magic tree and Pawan’s ‘Kevvu Keka Babaji’ sequence. This sequence clearly draws inspiration from Hollywood’s top entertainer Eddie Murphy’s recent film, A Thousand Words.

At this juncture we would like to point out that the success of AD should be judged on the merit of box-office collections alone. The real measure of AD’s success lies in the fact that the movie managed to overcome all political hurdles and open to Houseful crowds all over. The movies performance really is a mark of Telugu audiences’ love for Telugu Cinema. This is the main reason why many celebrities and film critics have come forward and openly praised Attharintiki Daaredhi on social media and other media outlets.

There can be no other conclusion. Attharintiki Daaredhi is a truly bonafide hit. The fearless release of this movie has now paved the way for the release of the other big projects that are awaiting release. NTR’s Ramayya Vastavayya and Ram Charan’s Yevadu can now take heart from the success of AD and release their films without any fear of interference. Attharintiki Daaredhi deserves all the praise being showered on it.