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Chiru fans victory over IBN


Megastar Chiranjeevi‘s political entry was an unexpected disaster. Chiru fans have taken a long time to come to terms with Megastars failed political stunt. The media on the other hand, is keen to not let Chiru fans forget it so soon. The recent stone-pelting incident when Chiru visited Cyclone-hit areas came to the fore again. Popular national news channel IBN’s coverage of this incident was met with fire by fans.


Fans were unable to digest the use of some colorful sentences in the article in question. The fans posted abusive tweets in response to this derogatory article. This led to IBN chief Rajdeep Sardesai to respond to those tweets. Rajdeep refused to let the fans censor the views of his media. He openly challenged fans to put their energy into writing a counter article, which IBN would be more than willing to print. Writing such a counter article is a lot more fruitful than engaging in fruitless banter.


Meanwhile with the direct tweet protests of Chiru fans, the article has been deleted which revealed the victory of Chiru fans over IBN