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Heroes vs Heroines in TFI !


Our leading actors may tend to stick very close on screen, but there is a glaring gap between them off the camera. Heroines are an integral part of the movie. The position of the leading lady is probably of equal importance to the hero. However, when it comes to the matter of remunerations, heroines are being underpaid.



The highest paid leading actors in our industry as of today are Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu, both of whom charge around whopping Rs.20 Crore. In contrast, the highest paid actress is Anushka who is receiving a payment of Rs.2 Crore. Yes, a glaring difference of 18 crore rupees. That is the gap between a hero and a heroine.



Heroes increase their remunerations every time they score a hit movie. The top remuneration has almost doubled from 10 years ago. However, the heroines don’t have this luxury. Vijayashanthi claimed to have received a remuneration of Rs. 1 Crore way back in the 90′s itself. Any heroine who dares to show a successful film an increase her remuneration is eventually phased out the industry. The best examples for this are Sada and Shriya, both of whom started fading after delivering massive hits for Shankar. Wonder when this canyon between hero and heroine will reduce.