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Clash of Titans: its Baahubali vs Rudramadevi

Allu Arjun Rudhramadevi Vs Baahubali Prabhas Official First Look Stills

Two much hyped and awaited movies in Tollywood are Baahubali and Rudramadevi. Telugu movie lovers are going to witness great historical movies from the minds of creative directors S.S.Rajamouli and Gunashekar with the movies Baahubali and Rudramadevi. Both the films have top level star cast included.

Latest buzz is that both movies are ready for a clash at Box-Office. Pouring fuel to the fire Rajamouli released Baahubali’s latest poster on the next day of the release of Allu Arjun‘s poster from Rudramadevi. This indicates that there is lot of competition witnessed by both this movies during their promotions. Gunashekar released Allu Arjun’s first look as Gona Ganna Reddy in Rudramadevi by creating a great hype in the Social media, whereas Rajamouli donethis without any sign. This created curiosity among the audience about both the movies.

Young Rebel Star Prabhas is playing a role of Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Bunny is going to play Gona Ganna Reddy, Anushka Shetty as Rani Rudramadevi the princess of Kakatiya Dynasty. While Rana and Anushka are starring in both the films. S.S.Rajamouli is confident about his movie and well known as a sure shot hit director in Tollywood, as he won National award for his Graphical wonder Eega. Success favours to Rajamouli in all aspects who gives his 100% to his movie, but why he was behind Gunashekar’s Rudramadevi whose success ratio is too low? This is the question that rises for a common Telugu movie lover which creates curiosity for both the movies. Lets wait and watch who could be the winner of the supreme battle between two historical movies Baahubali and Rudramadevi .

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