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Chiranjeevi’s role in Uday Kiran’s Suicide


Telugu film Fraternity and thousands of  fans bid a tearful farewell to the 34 year old actor Uday Kiran, who took his last breath by committing suicide Sunday late night. Many people started blaming Megastar Chiranjeevi and his family for Uday Kiran’s death,even people who walked for Uday Kiran’s final journey kept shouting slogans against the Megastar Chiranjeevi right through the way to cremitorium in Erragadda from Film Nagar. Taking few sources into account Strikingsoon attempts a small discussion with this …


Let’s move back to Indra 175 Days function…

Though Industry might be in the hands of some big shots, the scenario is completely different from the past now. Social Media,Netizens and TV Media are playing vital roles, even the audience started encouraging the innovative thoughts kept before of them with Small Budget films. Each budding actor can find his own way using his talent and Neoteric ideas.No one can simply  inculpate the Uday Kiran’s death with the current situations and happenings in the industry. He couldn’t have committed suicide, pointing to  inequalities in the Industry. Uday Kiran was once crowned as the youth heartthrob who latter found it hard to grab the opportunities. He is not a juvenile and is aware of everything in the industry.Moreover,he is capable of analyzing the situations.

Police Investigation reveals many facts that lead to Uday Kiran to intentionally kill himself. During interrogation, police came to know that Uday Kiran has lent his  17 Lakhs to his manager Munna from a woman, where he was cheated by his manager. Uday Kiran was forced to re-pay the debt,which led him to take the extreme step. As offers unfolded to dry down, Uday was living off his wife’s earnings made it ghastly for him. The police also confirmed that Uday had attempted suicide earlier and mentioned few inflicted injuries as a proof for this. Uday made his last calls to his wife Vishitha and friend Sarath.

Apart from the above reasons poor family support, financial problems and with no film offers in the hand, Uday Kiran found it tough to manage the happenings. However, there are many unanswered questions made the reason for taking his life a mystery. People who are raising their voice against Uday Kiran’s Suicide, Should also take the above facts into account before blaming someone.

Keeping dissensions aside, Tollywood lost a Young Talented Actor with cute Boyish looks and the space left over can’t be replaced by anyone.  Strikingsoon extends its deepest condolences and grief to his family and Let’s pray the almighty to Rest his Soul in peace.