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Chandi movie review



There are times when the simplest of jobs like being a movie reviewer becomes a massive chore. It is in times like these, one thinks wistfully about other professions. Priyamani’s Chandi left me thinking in exactly the same way.


Firstly, an actress of Priyamani’s caliber should be more careful in selecting movies. However, her knack for picking one disaster after another continues. Chandi faced a ton of problems even prior to release, amidst great pressure the movie finally managed to hit the screens. Here is the StrikingSoon review of this tale.


Movie: Chandi

Banner: Omics Creations

Producer: Dr. G Srinu Babu

Music: SR Shankar, Chinna

Director: V Samudra

Cast: Priyamani, Krishnam Raju, Sarath Kumar, Naga Babu, Ashish Vidyarthi.


Chandi Off the screen :


Priyamani has been thirsty for a decent film for a very long time. Inspite of fantastic acting skill, she has not been able to cement her position in the industry. Chandi is Priyamani’s attempt to slide into the action-heroine slot that was left vacant after Vijayashanti’s retirement from films. Priyamani is definitely an actress of the right caliber to attempt this. Let us see how Chandi has fared.


Chandi On Screen :


Synopsis :


Chandi (Priyamani) is a gifted fighter who is executing certain corrupt individuals under the guidance of Azad (Sarath Kumar). Unable to handle the security threat posed by Chandi, the authority brings in Naga Babu in an all-too-familiar role of the special investigation officer. In the course of this routine investigation, it is discovered that Chandi is the last remaining scion of a very old royal clan that was slain by corrupt officials and politicians headed by Ashish Vidyarthi. Chandi is teh story of this womans quest for revenge and justice .


Analysis  :


Chandi was always a definite disaster from the start, owing largely to the poor narration of the director. Very odd editing, poor screenplay have all come together to push this film into the bin of routine. The story itself is so routine, you are pretty much sure, what’s going to happen next every scene. Transparent twists were not the only thing that ruined the movie. The use of stellar artists was poor. There was no character development at all .


The well known ‘Antyakshari Scene’ from Gabbar Singh was mercilessly butchered. Chandi is just a whole textbook for aspiring filmmakers on ‘how not to make a film’.


Positives : Hard Pressed to find positives in this one. The only two being Priyamani, who gave a decent commitment to this flick. Rebel Star Krishnam Raju was his scintillating self.


Negatives : Here’s a long list. Lets and try and stick to only the important ones.


*  Poor dialogues, the character interactions are very bland.

*  The entertainment quotient was very much absent except a couple of Posani scenes, as is the norm nowadays.

*  The issues that were touched in the movie were definitely hard-pressing. However, the presentation was far from impressive.

*  The pace of the movie is mind-numbing. The poor editing makes it even more migraine-inducing.


Verdict :


Please avoid this flick if you can. The rest of the state is doing just about the same thing. However, if you are a relative of anyone from the crew then it is unavoidable for you. Make sure you carry your headache balm with you.


Rating : 1/5

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