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Celebs tweet their condolences to Uday Kiran

Uday kiran

Actor Uday Kiran Committed Suicide in his flat at Srinagar Colony Hyderabad. Tollywood shocked with the news early on Monday. Various celebrities have expressed their deep condolences for the untimely death of the actor Uday Kiran through twitter and are as follows

Varun Sandesh : “Very sadd that Uday Kiran is no more:-( Such a young chap… Was a very sweet n kind hearted guy… Still can’t believe it:-( R.I.P. Uday!!!”

Nani : “Shocked .. Shattered .. Clueless .. Restless .. Just don’t know what to say .. Why why why?”

Vennela Kishore : “Shocked n feeling terrible by the news abt Uday Kiran ending his life..What he must’ve gone thru to take such a step..Cruel Pressures..RIP”

Koratala Siva : “Sad to hear the news of udaikiran.how can someone take their own life.Can’t they find any reason to live? Don’t they thnk abt their loved 1s”

Priya Mani : “Woke up to hear the news of Uday Kiran!!!!R.i.p Uday!!!!one of the nicest and friendliest guys I knw!!!!deeply saddened by the news!!”

Kichcha Sudeep : “Udaykiran’s news is a shocker,,was unable to react whn I got th news..spoke to him whn he ws here at blore less than a week bk.. RIP my frnd”

Madhura Sreedhar : “Met Uday Kiran for a coffee 3 months back. He looked so confident to bounce back! Very shocking to know that he is no more! God!!!!!”

Taapsee Pannu : “Suicide rate across movie industry all over the world is getting scary. I wish god gives us all strength n reason to sail through all times.:

Gopichand Malineni : “Really Sad News abt Uday Kiran..RIP”

Sundeep Kishan : “Shocked..Uday Kiran is no more..was such a warm and nice person..depressing news..RIP brother..strength to his family. The industry is 1 place where every 1 seems to have a publicized opinion & advice on who should/shouldn do what,really screws with the head”

Lakshmi Manchu : “Omg! Heartbroken! Rip udaykiran. You were a sweet soul. Geees not fair devastating.”

Manchu Manoj : “Soo sad to hear one of my good friend Uday Kiran is No more … God pl give strength to their family …RIP babai… Will miss u alot:”

Nikesha Patel : “Never met uday kiran but hear so much about him. RIP uday xxxx”

Madhu Shalini : “Shell shocked!!!”

Gopi Mohan : “Very bad news about Uday Kiran suicide.We did Nuvvu Nenu film.Teja made him a star.He is a nice guy.Very sad news to hear in the morning.RIP”

Adivi Sesh: “Woke up to Uday Kiran news. Don’t know how to react. I’m just…shocked.”

Prakash Raj : “Extremely disturbed with the news of young actor udaykiran s suicide. What was wrong young man??? Sad. Shouldn’t we find reasons to LIVE”

Sneha Ullal: “What the hell??? Heard about Uday Kiran.is it true? Omg what’s happening to our actor clan.if it is suicide.im sure he is happier where he is now.lets take a Uday moment and pray for him.amen”

Nikhil Siddhartha: “Hearing some Unfortunate Unbelievable news abt Hero Uday Kiran… Please tell me that it is not True…”



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