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Aaha Kalyanam Movie Review

nani aaha kalyanam movie review

Release Date : 21st Feb’2014

Movie : Aaha Kalyanam

Cast : Nani Vaani Kapoor

Producer : Yash Raj Films

Director : Gokul Krishna

Genre : Romantic-Comedy Entertainer

Story :

Shakthi (Nani) is a happy go guy , who has no aims of doing what so ever in his life and Shruthi (Vaani Kapoor) is an ambitious girl who plans of setting up a wedding plan bussiness. Shakthi escapes from his father by narrating wedding planning idea when he was urged to assist him in farming.In order to make his lie to truth Shakthi approaches Shruthi, Where she puts a rule of not to mix finance and romance.They together sets up a wedding planning company named Getti Mellam and it becomes popular in no time.As this is on, Shruthi falls for Shakthi, But Shakthi fearing of business don’t expresses his feelings and the differences peep up which leads to break up.What happens next ? Will they get unite again forms the rest of the tale.

Performances :

Nani takes off the role with ease and he steels the show in his style.He is simply at his best.Vaani Kapoor makes a sizzling screen presence but, fails to impress with her role. Simran has a very brief role and has nothing much to do. Badava Gopi,M.J Sriram and other cast are okay with their roles.

Technical aspects :

Director Gokul Krishna has just kept the story constant to the original version Band baja bharath. He has not tried something different and even followed the screenplay of BBB. Dharani’s music is okay and Sreenivasan’s cinematography is impressive. Bavan’s editing should have been more crispier and Yash Raj’s production values are upto their standard.

Plus Points : 




Minus Points :

Lack of Telugu Nativity

Second Half

Verdict :

Aaha Kalyanam is worth a watch film and is a remake of Bollywood’s Band Baja Bharath. You can enjoy the film if you haven’t watched the original version. Nani’s performance is the only asset that can drag the audience to theaters and it looks much of like a dubbed film rather than a bilingual with the lack of nativity flavor.

Rating :: 2.75/5

Review In A Glance
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  • Performances
  • Music
  • Screenplay

Aaha Kalyanam Movie Review Starring Nani and Vaani Kapoor