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Aagadu Review – Predictions & Expectations


Aagadu Review : Strikingsoon assessment and prediction

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s upcoming flick ‘Aagadu’ is all set to rock the silver screen soon. The film is currently undergoing post-production work. The makers, 14 reels are confident that they can bring the movie to the audience on September 19. The film has generated enormous hype as is the norm with any Superstar film. Strikingsoon does an analytical prediction about this upcoming flick. The film has an array of positive and negative factors that are influencing it. Let’s look at a breakdown of these factors and try and predict how these would affect the outcome of the film.

 Update : Aagadu Telugu Movie Review

Firstly, we’ll take into consideration all the negative factors that might have some bearing on the film.


Possibly a routine story :

This has been the complaint that is true for most of the big ticket commercial flicks that have been produced lately. Judging by the genre of films that Srinu Vaitla has given us in the past, you can be certain that there won’t be fresh story elements. Aagadu will be a regular revenge drama with Srinu vytla mark commercial elements . The entire movie is going to have Srinu Vytla flavor as we recently seen in Dookudu , Baadshah . Now a days audience are vexed up with the routine mass entertainers which may turns negative for Aagadu unless the films has unique plot . 


Iron Leg Tamanna:aagadu-tamanna-hot-navel

Discussion : Sentiments are to believed sometimes in film industry , most of the times it proved too . Now Tamanna is facing this very badly , all the recent Telugu films of her with the BIG stars are turned as Flops at Box Office except Raccha . Badrinath , Rebel , Oosaravelli , Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu are the films that turned milky beauty into iron leg . Mahesh fans are worried with the Tamanna phobia as Aagadu may join the effect list of this gorgeous .Tamanna is probably one of the most gifted actresses today. Her all round skills and zeal towards her work is commendable. At the same time, it is also true that she has a certain superstition haunting her. Irrespective of her splendid performances, movies with Tamanna essaying the main lead have disappointed at the box-office. 

Conclusion : For a scenario like this Shruti Hassan is the perfect example , Shruti faced the same situation where all her recent flicks turned as flops at box office . But it completely changed with Gabbar Singh , just one hit changed the fate of Shruthi Haasan . Now she is one of the top actress in South India and even competing in Bollywood too . Hope Aagadu will become a turning point for Tammanna as Gabbar Singh did for Shruti Haasan .


Mahesh’s A-sentiment:

A :  Mahesh too has a superstition haunting him. His movies beginning with ‘A’ have not performed that great at the box-office. ‘Athadu’, ‘Arjun’, and ‘Athidhi’ have had disappointing silver screen performances. 


There are certain elements that might click into place to make this film a success. Let us explore each one of them 


Mahesh’s ‘Du’ & 3 Letters Sentiment :

DU : We looked at Mahesh’s ‘A’ sentiment earlier. There is another positive aspect to his title sentiment. Movie names ends with letters ‘DU’ . Rajakumarudu , Okkadu , Athadu , Sainikudu & Dookudu are the films that mahesh followed ‘DU’ sentiment . Out of all the films Sainikudu is the only film which turned as Utter flop at Box Office where rest of the films created wonders at Box Office . (the only exception being ‘Athadu’, which gained a cult following later on with TV TRP’s)

3 Letters : It is one of the strongest sentiment that mahesh follows , film name consists only 3 letters in telugu . It started with Murari and followed by Okkadu , Arjun , Athadu , Pokiri , Athidi , Khaleja , Dookudu . Out of all the films Athidi  & Arjun  failed to reach the audience expectations at Box Office. Mahesh’s all time Blockbuster HITs Pokiri & Dookudu falls under this sentiment , if all goes well probably Aagadu have high chances to repeat the magic .

Dialogues :

As the famous writers Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan duo left Srinu Vytla’s court , it will be a prestigious movie for the director . Even Srinu Vytla has superb hit films before working with these writers . So after a long time Vytla penned for this movie with new writers upendra , anil & praveen and apparently they are superb success with their work . As the dialogues got massive response from the audience and increased the hype on the movie . Undoubtedly Dialogues will be special attraction for the film which may get repetitive audience to the theaters .  

Brand new Mahesh :


Mahesh re-invents himself with every character that he does. This time his all new attitude and catchy slang is sure to impress all audiences. Mahesh’s way of delivering the dialogues will also add to the impact they will surely create. After having a keen view on teasers and trailers, one thing is clear that Aagadu is going to be Mahesh’s one man show . If the mahesh brand new attitude justifies the plot and entertains the neutral audience then Aagadu will have the capability to re-write the existing records .


Conclusion :

In conclusion, Aagadu will certainly be another milestone in Superstar’s career. As one of our dear fans pointed out to us, If Aagadu succeeds at the box-office, it will be another ‘Dookudu’, and if it doesn’t then it will be another ‘Khaleja’. Either ways Mahesh will have a landmark film on his hand. Team Strikingsoon would like to commend Mahesh on his extraordinary levels of commitment. We just cannot wait to catch the movie first-day first-show. How many of you feel the same way? Please feel free to share your views with us in the comments section.

A sincere note to all readers, these are predictions made purely based on observations. Frankly, not even the makers of a movie can accurately predict the result of a movie. The audience will have the final word on the fate of a film. One thing is certain; Mahesh will certainly stand apart for his effort to present us with fresh performances every time. Unlike some other of TFI’s talented heroes, who is repeatedly doing routine and beaten subjects again and again, Mahesh has always looked to give us something new with each movie. Come September 19th, Aagadu will set the whole state in superstar frenzy.