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1 Nenokkadine Review reloaded

1 Nenokkadine Review – Second Review .

Movie : 1-Nenokkadine

Cast : Mahesh Babu, Krithi Sanon .

Release Date : 10th Jan’2013

Genre : Action/Thriller

Producers : 14 Reels Entertainment .

Director : Sukumar

Scenario :

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s latest action thriller “1-Nenokkadine” is running successfully across a record number of screens. The internet is buzzing with varied opinions about this film. Hands down “1-Nenokkadine” is the best performance of Mahesh till date. The movie billed as an action thriller remained true to its genre throughout. Without any doubt this is a movie that is aeons ahead of it’s time. Other critics will tell you all about how this movie is technically innovative. Here we shall talk only about the commercial aspects of the film . The film has been crticized from some quarters that it is not commercially viable, for the Telugu audience atleast. That however, is totally untrue. Yes, we have already reviewed it once before. However, a path breaking movie such as this deserves more than a first opinion. The movie was a lot more impressive than when we viewed it for the first time. After a few snips the movie is now a lot more attractive than before. As critics we are more than willing to change our opinion to encourage great cinema.

On – Screen :

“1-Nenokkadine”, is the story of a highly successful rock musician who is plagued by a very peculiar problem. His past horrors have left a lasting impression on his mind. However, he discovers that his past may have been a hallucination. The entire movie has Rockstar Gowtham trying to come to terms with his condition while hunting down his past. Sentimental values, thrilling action episodes and great soul touching music this movie has it all. However, audiences have been reportedly left unsatisfied somewhat. Frankly, the many different views expressed about this film are so very disheartening. Everybody has their own opinion about every movie. It is not compulsory that every member of the audience has to like every movie that he see’s. However, it is indeed very disheartening when a fantastic movie faces unwanted criticism.

Analysis :

This film is definitely years ahead of it’s time. Telugu Cinema hasn’t yet come to the point where the audience is ready to accept thought provoking cinema. From childhood we have been bred and brought up on commercial cinema. Stepping away from the traditional formula was a huge step for Director Sukumar and Mahesh. Taking a bold step in this direction has opened up a whole new genre in Telugu Cinema. This is great news for anybody who hopes to see Telugu Cinema moving in the direction of meaningful and real cinema. “1-Nenokkadine” is the only answer to the many critics of the Telugu industry who are very dismissive of the commercial style of cinema that we enjoy.

Movie Positives :


  • Mahesh’s acting was extraordinary to say the very least. Mahesh has already proved that he is the one actor who is capable of carrying an entire film on his shoulders. “1-Nenokkadine” is another example of Mahesh’s caliber as an actor par excellence. No matter how much you praise Mahesh for his guts in accepting this film or his commitment towards the character, it is still not covering how great he performed.
  • Gautham Krishna’s debut venture in Tollyland was well received by all audiences. It was hard not to notice how much Gautham’s body language resembles that of his father. Rest assured we have another superstar in the making right here.
  • Kriti Sanon is the new poster girl of Tollywood. A beautiful girl who can certainly act, that is a deadly combination in itself. Kriti gave off an aura of a highly established actress who carried herself with great poise opposite none other than the Superstar of TFI himself.
  • Sukumar showed great finesse in the way he handled this script. The genre of Psychological thrillers has yet to be explored fully in Telugu Cinema. These little steps are the beginning of something huge and innovative in our industry.
  • DSP’s tunes were a huge asset to this film. The audio of this movie completely captured the soul and essence of this film. DSP once again proved that he is the master of BGM’s. The haunting music that he gave in the background is most memorable.              
  • Ratnavelu has given Superb Cinematography and top notch visuals in the film. He is at his best so far in capturing the picturesque locales of Ireland,Goa and London                    
Negatives :


  • The main negative for the film was that it was light years ahead of its time. It will take some time for the audiences to come to terms with the concept behind this film. Repeated viewing is the only way to effectively grasp the subject matter of this film.
  • The high octane action sequences may have been too advanced for our audiences. In later years these action scenes will be the benchmark against which future films are compared, but today is not their day.
  • The playing time, although essential, was deemed a little too lengthy for the audiences liking. The movie was cut short by almost 20 minutes from day 2 itself. The film is now more crisp and fast paced.
  • The twists in the movie were sensational without any doubt, however, it may have been a little too hard for the audiences to follow.
  • Attempting a thriller concept of this sort requires great daring. When SS Rajamouli did it with ‘Eega’ he made sure that the audience had no doubts in their mind whatsoever regarding the subject matter of the film. Apparently, Sukumar too wished to brief the audience about the story material prior to release. For some reason he decided not to do it.

In conclusion, this was a film that would have fared a lot better had it not been made in Tollywood. This is the feeling expressed by critics from other languages. Can Telugu Cinema not be more accepting of path-breaking films like “1-Nenokkadine”? Team StrikingSoon is not the fan of any particular hero. We express this opinion as ardent Cinema lovers. We wish to see more thought provoking cinema in our industry. Entertainment should not be defined only as comedy. It is time we moved past a few laughs and concentrated on making sensible cinema. Hats off to Superstar Mahesh for redefining the boundaries of Telugu Cinema. Stepping out of the restrictive boundaries of traditional filmmaking, Mahesh’s “1-Nenokkadine” gives a ray of hope to aspiring filmmakers to step up and make innovative creations on screen. Telugu Cinema is in no way inferior to Hollywood even. This is the future that “1-Nenokkadine” has shown us today. This is the future that we dreamt of. This is the future that we will have the privilege to experience. We are truly privileged to experience Mahesh Babu’s extraordinary acting prowess in our lifetime .   Let us hope that Mahesh’s example will ensure a whole new genre of exciting and thought provoking films.

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