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1-Nenokkadine live updates

1-Nenokkadine live updates from premier shows .

Censor Report :


CBFC Rating: U/A

Run Time: 2 Hours 26 Minutes

Genre: Stylish Action Entertainer

Type: Straight


Live updates from London Premier show :


  • Fans excitement at peaks a very noisy crowd in the theater .
  • Title card reveals introduction of two new talents Gautham Krishna and Kriti Sanon .
  • The story starts off with Gautham Krishna’s childhood scenes .
  • Time for the first song. “Who Are You” . The song is simply superb, a visual treat. Fans excitement has no limits at this point .
  • Queuing the first fight. Mahesh is spectacular. Extremely stylish action sequence .
  • Story progresses into the actual content now.
  • Mahesh’s on-screen presence is absolutely great value for money .
  • All those who said there’s no comedy are in for a shock . But, Inline comedy working well. Great screenplay from sukumar .
  • As of now, Mahesh Babu is perfectly fit to the role and Outstanding in his Role.1st Action sequence is onGoosebumps in theaters! BGM is Well.
  • Kriti makes a mind blowing debut. What a natural performer that girl.Captivating screenplay.
  • This is a psycho thriller like no other in Telugu.
  • DSP’s Re-Recording work draws you into the story. Very gripping.
  • Audience go into a frenzy as Sayonara song begins , Splendid dancing from Mahesh. It is truly a treat to watch him move so wonderfully.
  • AWESOME Interval bang audience are at the edge of their seats with expectation .
  • The stunning first half leaves the audience craving more in the second half .

After a short break, we are back with the second half. The thrill continues….

  • The dialogues in this movie are a feast on their own. Mahesh shows great screen presence .
  • The movie slows down a little in the second half. Full marks to the DOP for a great visual feast.
  • London Babu song was forgettable. Nothing special to talk about.
  • Thrilling twists and turns. The movie is drawing close to the climax.
  • The action episodes in this half surpass the first half by good measure.
  • Impressive locations paint a very beautiful picture.
  • Crisp and excellent climax. The pace in the second half does not match too closely to the first one.

In conclusion, “1-Nenokkadine” was a treat to watch. Expecting routine commercial “formula” elements with this one might be foolish. “1-Nenokkadine” usher’s in a new genre of filmmaking for the Telugu audience. A definite Blockbuster. The festival has begun for Superstar fans. We will come up with a detailed StrikingSoon review very soon. For now, hoping to get a ticket for the first show in the morning.